Why Axe Throwing is the Perfect Team Building Activity

One of the best ways of shaking up the traditional team-building activities in San Diego, CA is axe throwing. Most people have never been to an axe-throwing bar. While you may be a tad apprehensive about hitting an axe bar for your next team-building activity, you will learn that axe throwing is actually very safe and offers many benefits more so when it comes to team building. Here are the top reasons why axe throwing is a great team-building activity. 

Breaks everyday routine

As aforementioned, most people have never tried axe throwing. The activity will, therefore, be so different from anything any of your team members have ever tried. Being a new activity means you will be putting team members in a situation that shakes up their thinking. This will help develop new approaches to problems. The change will allow a different aspect of the personality of teammates allowing them to shine.

Build communication

Tournament-style walk-ins are available in an axe-throwing bar. This means teams can compete against each other or against other teams in a league. To succeed, the team members are forced to communicate. They also have to evaluate their techniques. Direct feedback during group events, large & small, will open communication avenues that may have stagnated in a normal office environment. 

Exercise the whole body

Working in an ordinary office environment means you never get to exercise as much. Learning how to throw an axe and engaging in activities will definitely engage your whole body. The activities will not only involve your whole body but also activate neural connections which promotes creativity when it comes to tackling problems. 

It’s fun

The best way to get the most from team building activities is to make the whole thing exciting. From coaching to actually throwing the axe, the whole experience is a lot of fun. Axe throwing ensures that team building is not a drag. You can count on an experience that is fun-filled and promotes bonding among coworkers.

It’s available all year

The best thing about the axe bar is that it is open all year round. You don’t have to plan your team-building activity around the dates when the event is possible. You can hit the axe bar any time. 

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