You Win. You lose.

YOU Gain experience and glory

Once you’ve thrown a couple of axes at Axe Thro Co, you’ve probably felt that itch to become better or even compete for fun. Joining our league is the best place to start to build your game up, gain some new axe buddies and safely compete with hands on tips from the finest axe throwing coaches in California.

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Gain axess to the greatest

You do not need any prior axeperience to join the league. We welcome everyone to join as a safe, fun and competitive way to sharpen your skills, mind and axe.

Axe_Thro-Your Axeperience Grows

Your axeperience will grow as you throw

We welcome all skill levels to come join our league. The diversity of the crowd is fantastic and new players regularly experience a hyper-growth of skill surrounded by passionate loving players that are always willing to make new friends.

Our league is structured around all skill levels and takes a systematic approach so you can make sure that everything is done efficiently and on time.

Don’t forget all the fun you could have

When you’re done smashing those bullseyes, hitting those high fives and gaining those friendly ties, don’t forget about giant jenga, our pool tables, bean bag throwing, and that we are next door to one of the notorious bars in town.

You are surrounded by safe, fun, and inspiring people. Our coaches will always be there to support you and Jimmy our owner will be there with a smile to greet you. Come say hi and get ready to axeperience the best axe throwing time of your life.

WHy League play?

By joining the leauge you get 2 hours of guaranteed practice every week, access to tournaments and special discount on walk-in Axe Throwing.


We offer groups, corporate events, leagues and more.


Pound for pound the best deal in Axe Throwing and a lot of fun with some great people!

  • 28 Competitive Matches, with a chance to make playoffs and qualify for the IATC(International Axe Throwing Championship)
  • 2 hours of practice included each week
  • Special pricing on Walk-in Axe Throwing
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Leagues adhere to IATF rules/regulation

What to expect from league

Leagues run for 8 consecutive weeks, on the night and time you select. You are guaranteed 28 games over the first seven weeks, with the top players participating in play-offs in the eighth week.  

If you would like more information please contact us at info@axethroco.com or 1-619-719-5593

How to register for league

To register for League click on the date in green and fill information

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