Group up! Its time to get your Axe on

Don’t let any more time slip by without sharing this experience with your friends, family, and co-workers. We offer Group & Team Events, Tounaments, Birthday Parties, Special Events, and more.

We follow the IATF guidelines where over 51 million axes have been thrown without injury.

Beyond Safety guaranteed

When you walk in, the floor is so clean you could eat off the floor and still not have to worry about COVID. Please don’t eat off the floor. All jokes aside we care about your safety and have many safety sanitation policies in place to help you throw worry-free.

We have over three levels of safety so you will never have to worry about anything except having a great time. 

First level is the coach who will be there go over safety and teach you to throw an axe properly.

2nd level is enhanced sanitation for axes/pool cues and all equipment.

3rd level is the floor to ceiling welded steel wire barrier in between each target along with rubber mats above the targets and observation bars to protect spectators.

Axe_Thro GroupUpBenefits

What to expect

What to expect when you group up at Axe Thro Co

What to expect

What to expect when you group up at Axe Thro Co

Axe_Thro GroupUpBenefits

What to expect

What to expect when you book for 6+ players at Axe Thro Co

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Group Events

We offer group, team events, bachelor bachelorette parties, Gender reveal parties, other gatherings people celebrate.
View the different booking styles below.

group booking

Need to throw your parties like you throw your axe? We got you. We can help groups from 6-90 for birthdays, events and more.

corporate events

Need to host a friendly axe throwing event for your team? Perfect! We have pizza, beer, plenty of parking spaces, the friendliest staff and all the lanes you need dedicated to your group.

birthdays/Private events

During a private event, our expert coaches will teach your group to throw safely on private targets. Then we’ll organize a series of games to entertain your party for 1.5 or 2 hours.

axe thro co charity donations

When throwing your axe gives back

Axe Thro co is proud to announce a partnership with 4Ocean. We have charity friendly tournaments every quarter where over half the proceeds go back to the incredible program for 4Ocean.

Help us go beyond 10 million pounds of waste removed from the ocean to help preserve and enrich wildlife. At Axe Thro Co we care about the ocean and we’re on a mission to do our part by keeping the environment clean.


Whether you have birthdays, events, large groups or corporate team meetings. Everyone needs to experience.


Happy Birthday Genie! From all of us at AxeThroCo

Team Member

AxeThroCo Coach

Large Groups

Axe throwing & giant jenga, this crew dominated both tonight!

Team Member

AxeThroCo Coach​

Family Night!

Friday Night Family Fun

Team Member

AxeThroCo Coach​


We are here to provide you with the most fun and safe "axeperience" you've never had.









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Your new adventure awaits. Its time to throw away your worries and hit your bullseye. Come join us.

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