Fun Things To Do in San Diego

While there are many places to visit in San Diego, CA including the Comic-Con, museums, San Diego Zoo, and lots of other fun places, there are even a lot more fun things to do. If you want to get into the action, here are a few fun things to do in San Diego, alone or with friends. 

Axe throwing

This is without any doubt one of the most memorable activities you will ever get to do. It is more like playing a game of darts only with more thrill. You can walk into an axe-throwing bar, receive expert coaching from the staff, and enjoy axe throwing for as long as you would like. If you are competitive, you’ll enjoy the tournament-style walk-ins. Whether you like playing in a league or by yourself there is something for you in an axe-throwing bar.


This is yet another exhilarating activity you can get in while in San Diego. The county has more than 70 miles of open ocean coastline. This means there is a surf spot near where you plan on staying. Some great places to catch a wave are Oceanside, Del Mar, and Black’s Beach. The best thing is there are so many shops to rent surfing gear from. 

Whale watching

If you happen to be in San Diego between December and April, you should not miss the amazing sight of California Gray Whale as they migrate to Baja California from Northern Alaska. Embarcadero has the best whale watching cruises. There will be a naturalist on board to give amazing insights about the whales. If you are lucky, you will get to see dolphins too. 

San Diego harbor cruise

How about an hour-long cruise around the San Diego Bay? You can do this at Embarcadero. The cruise offers the best chance for you to learn more about San Diego. You will get to see over 50 landmarks as well as ships that have been immortalized in popular culture and movies. You also get to see the San Diego Coronado Bridge from below and spot lots of wildlife. 

Tour the breweries

San Diego has long been known as a sort of craft beer mecca, and you can find local breweries in just about any part of town. Whether you’re on the coast or inland, in North County or Central San Diego, a quick search will reveal breweries near you. You can try out several different ones in an afternoon, and with a little planning you might even be able to take a tour of some behind the scenes action.

Hike the trails

There is an abundance of amazing views in San Diego, plenty of which you can get from hiking trails. A good place to start is Torrey Pines State Reserve with its beautiful ocean scenery. Balboa Park loop is perfect for nice stroll, and Mission Trails Regional Park has some fun trails that offer a bit more difficulty.

There is no shortage of fun things to do in San Diego. You just need to plan in advance so as not to miss the best offerings. 

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