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Don’t let any more time slip by without sharing this experience with your friends, family and co workers. We offer group events, team events, leagues, walk-ins and more. See our schedule below.

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Whether you have birthdays, events, large groups or corporate team meetings. Everyone needs to experience.


Happy Birthday Genie! From all of us at AxeThroCo


AxeThroCo Coach

Large Groups

Axe throwing & giant jenga, this crew dominated both tonight!


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Family Night!

Friday Night Family Fun


AxeThroCo Coach​

WHy book?

While Walk-ins are absolutely okay, booking ahead can give you so many different perks. Reserving ahead of time helps you skip the line, priority on pool tables, targets and coach. It should only take a couple minutes max and it can be done online easily.

Axe throwing booking styles

We offer groups, corporate events, league events and more.

group booking

Need to throw your parties like you throw your axe? We got you. We can help groups from 6-90 for birthdays, events and more.

corporate events

Need to host a friendly axe throwing event for your team? Perfect! We have plenty of parking spaces, the best nearby restaurants/bars, the friendliest staff and all the lanes you need dedicated to your group.

Walk ins

Yes we take walk-ins 100% but we highly highly recommend booking in advance so you can skip any line or possible wait time but walk-ins are still totally cool.

If you have any questions such as parking, safety, minimum age, attire or anything view our FAQ or give us a call!

(833) 968-8476

Join the "Axe thro co LEague"

You do not need to be a pro to join our league. In fact, we prioritize passion, fun and safety over skill. Although if you are a pro thrower, we have spots for you too. Everyone is welcome!

Start Your "Axeperience" now

By booking ahead of time we can guarantee a spot for the exact size of your party with no wait times.


We are here to provide you with the most fun and safe "axeperience" you've never had.












Most frequent questions and answers

Axe throwing is a fun, highly contagious, highly satisfying pastime that you can enjoy with your friends, colleagues or competitors. Basically you throw an axe at one of our targets and try to hit the bullseye. Wherever it lands you get points and the person with the highest points wins!

Plus we have competitions and leagues that you can join. No you don’t have to be the next  Rander Marquez (champion axe thrower), to be in our leagues. Just passion and determination is all you need.

Don’t forget we also have super fun non-axe throwing activities to do in case you want to change it up or wait on your friends.

Axe throwing at Axe Thro Co is an all around family fun special event that is extremely safe, fun and exciting!

Plus we have competitions and leagues that you can join. 

Inherent in our facility or Axe Business:
  1. Entire Facility professional cleaned and disinfected by Stratus Cleaning service regularly
  2. Throwing lanes are all 6′ wide to allow for physical distancing 
  3. Large facility to allow group separation
Extra steps we are taking:
  1. Axes, Pool sticks & lanes tables disinfected between each groups use
  2. Contactless Temperature checks of staff & Guests per CDC & Local Guidance
Per CDC & Local Guidance:
  1. All staff and Participants to wear masks per CDC & Local Guidance
  2. Following CDC & local Guidance
  3. Limited occupancy per local guidelines
  4. Hand sanitizer available through out facility, Soap and warm water in bathrooms for hand washing
  5. Axes, Pool sticks and all contact surfaces including tables, light switches, iPads, desks & tables disinfected at the beginning and end of each day and throughout during daily operations

Our state of the art facilities are built to international axe throwing federation specifications (yes that’s a real thing). 

Where over 47 million axes have been thrown without a single injury. 

Our equipment is worlds apart from your typical axe throwing facility with 

  • Wood handled axe heads for maximum stability. Nothing cheap like plastic.
  • Cold steel axeheads with thin blade profile.
  • A coach with you at all times
  • Clearly marked safety lines on the floor
  • Full floor to ceiling barrier in between each target
  • Steel welded wire between each target
  • Soft pine target to make the axe easier to stick 

And much much more. 

The question isn’t “is it safe?”, the question should be “how could they possibly make it safer than Axe Thro Co?”.

Plus we have other games here that do not include throwing an axe such as pool, giant Jenga, and other fun stuff.

All ages are welcome! Anyone under 18 would need a guardian to complete a waiver for them.  We also have plenty of games that are super fun and kid friendly ranging from pool, giant jenga and even bean bag throwing.

Lots of fun for the entire family! Come join us.

We highly highly recommend booking first. Not only would it guarantee a spot but we can have everything prepared for you with a red carpet as you walk in. 

But if you do walk-in on the same day its completely fine but it may run the risk having a small waiting time.

Not just professionals. We have Axe Throwing Addicts as our coaches. They’re addicted. Honestly we’re pretty sure they can do nothing else except be the best most professional Axe instructors/coaches out there. 

Absolutely! Bring your own things and have a great time. Don’t forget we are super close to some of the best restaurants in town. So grab something there and come on over. We have plenty of room!

*Only non-alcoholic drinks at this time please.

No absolutely not. We have people from all ranges of skill come to our axe throwing haven and plenty of new people. So relax. We got you. 

Click here to visit our league page

We would suggest your favorite lumberjack uniform. It would help with your spirit and form. Or you can wear whatever you want as long as you have closed-toe shoes and shirt/pants of some kind.

Don’t forget your pants.

I swear people love our parking almost as much as our axe throwing. We have some of the most rare spacious parking out there. And if we get too booked up, there is some secret backup parking thats not far away at all. Just give us a call and we can give you directions!

(833) 968-8476

Yes! We have plenty of room, ramps, bathrooms and more with accessibility in mind. If you have any special concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

(833) 968-8476

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