Why Axe Throwing is the Perfect Team Building Activity

Why Axe Throwing is the Perfect Team Building Activity

One of the best ways of shaking up the traditional team-building activities in San Diego, CA is axe throwing. Most people have never been to an axe-throwing bar. While you may be a tad apprehensive about hitting an axe bar for your next team-building activity, you will learn that axe throwing is actually very safe and offers many benefits more so when it comes to team building. Here are the top reasons why axe throwing is a great team-building activity. 

Breaks everyday routine

As aforementioned, most people have never tried axe throwing. The activity will, therefore, be so different from anything any of your team members have ever tried. Being a new activity means you will be putting team members in a situation that shakes up their thinking. This will help develop new approaches to problems. The change will allow a different aspect of the personality of teammates allowing them to shine.

Build communication

Tournament-style walk-ins are available in an axe-throwing bar. This means teams can compete against each other or against other teams in a league. To succeed, the team members are forced to communicate. They also have to evaluate their techniques. Direct feedback during group events, large & small, will open communication avenues that may have stagnated in a normal office environment. 

Exercise the whole body

Working in an ordinary office environment means you never get to exercise as much. Learning how to throw an axe and engaging in activities will definitely engage your whole body. The activities will not only involve your whole body but also activate neural connections which promotes creativity when it comes to tackling problems. 

It’s fun

The best way to get the most from team building activities is to make the whole thing exciting. From coaching to actually throwing the axe, the whole experience is a lot of fun. Axe throwing ensures that team building is not a drag. You can count on an experience that is fun-filled and promotes bonding among coworkers.

It’s available all year

The best thing about the axe bar is that it is open all year round. You don’t have to plan your team-building activity around the dates when the event is possible. You can hit the axe bar any time. 


How to Throw a Killer Party with Axe Throwing

How to Throw a Killer Party with Axe Throwing

The fact that you are thinking about an axe throwing party means you are looking for something new and exciting. While it is always the goal of everyone to do something fun and different on their next party, achieving those goals is never easy. The good news is with proper planning you can spice up your party the way you want. For an axe throwing party, the first thing you need to do is head to an axe bar. The Axe Thro Co is the best axe-throwing venue to head to in San Diego, CA. 

Know how many people will be attending

Knowing how many people will be attending will help with budgeting. You will also need this list to determine how many lanes will need to be reserved. For particularly large groups, be sure to make your reservation with Axe Thro Co well in advance so you can reserve your space at the time you want.

Understand pricing

An important thing you need to look at is the total cost of hosting your party in an axe bar. How much is charged to teach you how to throw an axe? How many people can you bring? You definitely have a budget for your upcoming party. The last thing you want is to be caught unawares because the prices are way too high. 


Still, on getting ready for an axe throwing party, you need to know what will be included in the package you are selecting. How many activities will there be? You don’t want your guests to feel limited simply because you chose an axe throwing venue that doesn’t know how to entertain their customers. 

Arrive early

Time flies when participating in axe throwing group events. The best thing you can do is to make sure everyone arrives on time so that everything starts early. Needless to say, your guests will love you for introducing axe throwing to them. 

Axe Thro Co accepts private events for groups of more than 5 people. You are required to book online for a group of 6 to 24 or call ahead if your group is bigger. Coaching on how to throw an axe will be offered and a series of games will be organized to keep you entertained for at least an hour and a half. Walk-ins are only recommended for groups of 1 to 4 people.


Top 10 Date Night Ideas in San Diego

Top 10 Date Night Ideas in San Diego

How lucky are we to be in a place like San Diego with an abundance of not only beautiful scenery but also activities for any occasion? 

Sometimes when planning a date night, there are just too many choices which can make it difficult to make up your mind. Or you could be looking for something new that you haven’t done before. 

We’re hoping that the following list we’ve compiled of the top 10 date night ideas in San Diego will make deciding what to do easier, so you can relax and start looking forward to your date.

1. Check out “Secret” San Diego

Have you been to any of the speakeasies scattered throughout the city? You can go here to discover some secret bars near you.

Like the idea of a secret but not looking for a bar? Try finding the hidden swings in La Jolla which offer amazing views of our coastline. 

2. Take a cruise

San Diego offers lots of day cruise options so you can choose one that works for you. One option is to simply take the ferry from downtown to Coronado, enjoy some of the activities around there then take the ferry back. You could also get a little classy with a dinner cruise.

3. Go out dancing

Dancing is a great date night activity for anyone who is looking for both romance and excitement at the same time. Try a Salsa Under The Stars event, go to one of the many dance clubs in San Diego, or maybe even take a class!

4. Give Axe Throwing a try!

Axe Thro Co is a super fun place for a date night. Our coaches will help you become awesome axe-throwers in no time, then you will have the chance to play a variety of axe throwing games. Come by and throw axes for an hour, or we also have pool tables if you want to split your time between axe throwing and pool. 

We are conveniently located in central San Diego. You can walk in during our open hours or reserve a time.

5. Visit a winery or brewery

The San Diego area offers several wineries and a whole bunch of breweries. If you like trying new things then you can certainly find some beers or wines that you’ve never tried before and are made locally.

6. Have some fun at a game bar

Staying at home playing video games wouldn’t make a great date. However, play video games out and about in the city while having some drinks and now we’re talking! Coin-op, Brewski’s, Sidecar… these are just a few of the places in San Diego where that is possible. 

Another option is The Hive right next door to Axe Thro Co! Give us a call to ask about a discount if you’re interested in doing both.

7. Tour La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is one of the more popular tourist attractions in San Diego, but there are also many ways you can enjoy it as a local. Get some ideas here of how you can experience one of the treasures in America’s Finest City.

8. Stroll through Balboa Park 

From the gardens to the architecture, this is a beautiful place to spend a day or evening with your date. You can enjoy trails, museums, various activities and shows – you will have no trouble finding things to do in Balboa Park.

9. Check out a local comedy club

Everybody loves to laugh. You can see shows almost any night of the week at one of the several comedy clubs in San Diego. You’ll be able to find local comedians trying out material or if you plan in advance you can likely get tickets to see your favorite famous comedian.

10. Watch a San Diego sports team

There are some awesome teams in San Diego competing in various different sports, both college and professional. Both SDSU and USD have awesome basketball teams. You can catch the Padres downtown at Petco Park. You can also see the Gulls play hockey, and soccer fans have 2 teams to choose from in Loyal SC and the Sockers. Those are just some of the many options.

We hope these ideas have been helpful, and we hope to see you at Axe Thro Co!


Axe Throwing Games – How to Play “Yahtzee”

Axe Throwing Games - How to Play “Yahtzee”

Many of us have heard of the traditional board game Yahtzee where you roll dice, but Yahtzee has also been made into one of the lesser known axe throwing games. Even though it may not be as well known, Yahtzee is one of the most fun games you can play at an axe throwing venue, and it is designed for teams which makes it perfect for large groups.

The Setup

Start by assigning 4 people per team. Once the teams are set, each team will take turns completing a set of 6 tasks. On each task, each player gets 3 chances to complete their role for the task. Ideally all 4 players on the team will be throwing at the same time. Once each task is complete, it is the next team’s turn. The winner is the team that gets the highest score during their turn. Check out this video explanation.

The Tasks

Each player has an individual goal for each task, and you get 3 attempts to achieve the goal. All players will throw at the same time; if you hit your target then you will stop throwing until the team moves on to the next task. All players must hit their goal within their 3 attempts for the team to complete the task and be awarded points. If any player misses their 3 attempts, then the team gets 0 points for that task.

Here are the tasks:

    1. Each player scores a “1”
    2. Each player scores a “3”
    3. Each player scores a “5”
    4. Each player scores a “0”
    5. Team gets a “straight”
    6. Each player scores a “7” or “clutch”

Scoring a “1”, “3”, “5”, “0”, or “7”

This game is meant to be played under IATF rules. In order to “score”, your axe must stick in the board in the area that corresponds with the number of points you are going for. In the black is 5, in the red (outside the black) is 3, in the blue (outside the red) is 1, outside the blue and outside the green is 0, in the green is a clutch and worth 7. 

Scoring a “straight”

A straight is defined as one player scoring a “1”, one player scoring a “3”, one player scoring a “5”, and one player scoring a “7”. Your team must determine each player’s target before the start of the task.

Scoring Rules for “Yahtzee” in Axe Throwing

Your team is awarded a certain amount of points when they successfully complete a task. If any single player does not hit their target within 3 attempts then the team will not be awarded any points for that task. 

In addition, for each failed attempt for each player, 10 points are deducted from the team’s score. For example, if during a particular task Player A has 1 failed attempt, and Player B has 2 failed attempts, while Players C and D hit their target on the first attempt, then the team will get 30 points deducted from their score.

Here are the point allocations for each task:

    • Each player scores a “1” – 100 points
    • Each player scores a “3” – 300 points
    • Each player scores a “5” – 500 points
    • Each player scores a “0” – 600 points
    • Team gets a “straight” – 700 points
    • Each player scores a “7” or “clutch” – 1000 points

Example Walkthrough

Let’s say Albert, Bonnie, Clyde, and Dale are on a team. Their first task is to each score a “1”. They each get it on their first try except for Albert who gets it on his second try. The team is awarded 100 points for completing the task, but is then deducted 10 points for Albert’s miss. So their score after Task 1 is 90 points.

Now they must each score a “3”. Albert and Bonnie get it on their first try, Clyde gets it on his second try, and Dale misses all 3 attempts. Since Dale failed to hit his target, the team is awarded 0 points and they are deducted 40 points (1 miss from Clyde and 3 misses from Dale). The team’s score is now 50 points (90 – 40 = 50).

Now they must each score a “5”. Each player hits their target on the first attempt. So they are awarded 500 points with no deduction. Their score is now 550 points.

Now they must each score a “0”. Remember they must stick their axe in the board, a “drop” does not count as a “0”. Each player gets it on their first attempt except for Bonnie who gets it on her third attempt. The team is awarded 600 points and deducted 20 points for Bonnie’s 2 misses. Their overall score is now 1130 (550 + 600 – 20 = 1130).

Now the team must score a straight. They declare before they start that Albert is going for a “1”, Bonnie is going for a “3”, Clyde is going for a “5”, and Dale is going for a “7”. This time, Bonnie, Clyde and Dale all miss all 3 of their attempts while Albert got it on his second try. The team is awarded no points and is deducted 100 points (10 total misses). This brings the team’s overall score down to 1030.

The team is now on their final task where they must each score a “7”. Albert and Bonnie hit their target on the first try, Dale hits it on his second try, and Clyde misses all 3 attempts. Since Clyde missed all 3 attempts the team does not get any points, and they are deducted 40 points (4 total misses). So their final score is 990 points.

One Additional Rule

There is an extra rule used in competition, but that we treat as optional. 

This rule ONLY applies to the final task where each player is going for clutch. If and only if 3 players hit their target and the last player misses his or her 3 attempts, then that last player will get a 4th attempt. If the 4th attempt is successful, then the team will be awarded 750 points (instead of 1000) for completing the task with an extra attempt taken.

So in our previous example on the final task, if Clyde had successfully hit his target on the 4th attempt, then the team would have been awarded 750 points and still deducted 40 points, making their final score 1740. If Clyde had missed the 4th attempt, then there would have been a 50 point deduction making their final score 980 points.



You can watch a Yahtzee axe throwing event held at the 2019 Urban Open HERE.

Make a reservation to come play Yahtzee at Axe Thro Co!